Budgeting your budget.

  What are you willing to do to become debt free, to pay off that pile of student loans? We are willing to do anything. That means no movies, no eating out, no Starbucks 4 times a week, no fancy hair salon, no Netflix, yes i know, tragic, but doable. My wife and I are... Continue Reading →


Ode to the Diaper Change.

Up and down and back and forth and wiggling to and fro, Trying, sliding, slipping, gliding, wishing you’d let go. Kicking out and stretching, arching swiping hands away Smiling, crying talking babbling thinking it’s a game. At last, they’re clean and as you grab a new diaper for their butt A rancid, foul, mustard glob... Continue Reading →

On friendship..

Hey everyone! It has been a busy month for me, sick kids, I got sick, travelling. Sorry for the gap. Today, I'd like to talk about friendship. Once in a while, we are blessed with people that come into our lives and make a difference. We share the same taste in food, or movies, or... Continue Reading →

Love yourself.

Is this you? Some quick take out & scrolling on your FB, IG or Twitter?  A lot of the time we, burdened with the heaviness and never ending pace of life fail to take care of ourselves. I speak not of the narcissistic kind of love, but of a healthy love, for your body. Whether... Continue Reading →

What’s your Love Language?

  Do you even know what I'm talking about? Well,  The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman, Ph.D & a renowned marriage therapist, is a great book which covers these "languages" which are designed to help you and your partner LOVE EACH OTHER better! Who wouldn't like that?? Firstly, we are all unique, and we also... Continue Reading →


There are a TON of helpful books, blogs, articles and people available when looking for some tips, strategies and methods to save a dollar. Here are 10 quick and simple ways you can start saving today. 1- Leave your debit/credit card at home. Going shopping? Take cash and stick to your budget. Plastic is just... Continue Reading →

One of those nights.

Last night was one of those nights life kicked my butt. My wife had to work (7p-7a), so I was home with the kids. Baby boy is teething and sick to boot. Our routine is she takes a nap with the baby around 3pm till, well, whenever he wakes, and then I take him so... Continue Reading →

Accidents will happen.

     Well, after almost 9 months of the new baby boy in the house, despite being super careful, it happened. Our son fell off the bed. He has been crawling for a month now, and the bed is still a safe place to put him as long as you are right there. My wife WAS... Continue Reading →

What happened to my friends??

     How many "real" friends do you have? I'm not talking about your 2500 Instagram followers, or 8000 FB or Twitter peeps, but actual hang out, live down the road, in the same zip code friends? Outside of your work, church and family, how many people do you interact with, hang out with, invite to... Continue Reading →

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